Be Happy helps business owners, grow their business and shape the life they desire.

The Myth that "Being good at what you do is enough" has been proven wrong,  

Approximately 80% of businesses worldwide fail within the first five years.

A successful business is one that can function without the day-to-day involvement of the owner. To get there, the owner must have people he can trust, a great management and superb repeatable systems.


Business Coaching aims to help owners be successful and meet their goals. To be a sounding board, reflect to you and hold you accountable.

Our brand is – high availability, we will always be there for you, in between coaching sessions, for every question, or discussion.

We  help our clients feel safe and secure, knowing they have a partner in us. We encourage optimism and support our clients when times are challenging.


In Be Happy business coaching, we use one of two tools: our unique system or EMyth system, depends on the company needs.  

Our goal is to help you, the owner, to work on your business, instead of in your business, and have balance in your life, and above all - Be Happy.

Your Success, Is Our Success.


Shachar Perlman is a successful business coach for more than 14 years, working with clients from all over the globe. Currently our business is based in Vancouver BC.

After being a CEO of a successful Hi-Tech company for over 10 years, and working for 30 years in the Hi-Tech arena, he decided it was time to help others create their own Successful Business.

By working with Shachar as your coach, you will have a mentor, a partner and an accomplished CEO, who is available entirely to the improvement of your business. Together we will take the journey to success and happiness.

​For the last couple of years, Shachar has also been working as an EMyth Certified Executive and Business Coach.


Clients Say..

"...Besides his mentoring skills, Shachar became a friend and a great listener. The decision to work with him was one of the best we made as a company!"

Tamir Lavi - Bulwarx 

"If I had to describe Shachar in one word, It would be PROGRESS.
He has been the catalyst that started me on my entrepreneurial journey and put a lot of time and effort into helping me succeed..."

Neil Young - Elite Squash