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Our Clients

 " Shachar is advising and coaching us as we grow and succeed. 

Shachar hit the ground running, familiarizing himself with our corporate culture and our management and the unique aspects of our business, allowing him to focus on and guide us through our strategic decisions.

Besides his mentoring skills, Shachar became a friend and a great listener. The decision to work with him was one of the best we made as a company! "   


 " Five years ago, when we started working with Shachar, as our business coach, we were just three employees in the company.

I couldn’t imagine a day will come and we will be more than forty people.

I certainly would not believe that I have an investor in the company that would buy most of the shares. Or that we will merge with another company and become a total of more than two hundred people.

Shachar helped us to transform from a small operation to a real company.

He guided us to create a lead generation system and a hiring system.

Thank you Shachar, for being a partner, for always being available to me when the times was rough, and there were many of these down the road.

If you want to develop a successful High-tech business, Shachar is the right choice."

Dani Kenen / Welldone

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Welldone software

 When I started working with Shachar I wanted to grow from a one-man operation to a successful company.

Today I have few employees and more are coming and with the addition of new happy customers all over the world, I feel I am a business owner.

Now we can work to make the business even more successful.

As a coach Shachar is always available, not just in our weekly meetings but with every question or issue I have either by email or in a short call, whenever needed and how long as it takes.

That gives me the sense of true partnership that is bigger than just coaching. "

Adar Shomron / BIyond

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yochi asparagus

 When I started working with Shachar I knew I need some order in my time management and in my business so I can fulfill my destiny – to help farmers all over the world to develop and grow Avocado and Asparagus farms in the best quality possible.

In the work process with Shachar I got focus about my business, I learned how to prioritize, manage time and mostly work on my business not in my business.

Shachar also urged me to work on my marketing materials so I can work globally.

Today my business is working globally and what's more important I love every minute of it and that is as important as money"

Dvir Lasser / Yochi Asparagus

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 " I worked as a freelance engineer and set up a small engineering consultancy company over a period of 20 years and I used Shachar as a management consultant to assist with growing the business and developing systems.


I highly recommend Shachar as a mentor and business coach with his 100% commitment, positivity and drive. "

John Yound / YECS

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 If you have an idea or you want to make your dream a reality, call Shachar now.

Shachar can lead you in every aspect of your development and can create a system for your business growth and success.

Shachar is a genuine entrepreneur with positive and optimistic attitude which contributes a lot for the success of many businesses. He has connections in the right places, natural sales skills and experience in managing a company which makes him a perfect partner for professional entrepreneurs."

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 Shachar is a friend, colleague and at the same time very gifted and talented Business Coach. 
While working with him and having him as my coach I've learned a lot from his experience and knowledge. 

Shachar is very sensitive to high service level, achieving results and mainly giving added value and quality to his customers.

Shachar has the system, the motivation, the knowhow and the originality to solve dreams for entrepreneurs.

I came with a dream my company – Mitvim- help organizations that develop products to fulfil their goals. Now I have a company with employees, customers and reputation.

You can’t argue with facts. "

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 " We came to Shachar seeking for help in growing our company. Shachar introduced us to EMyth and with that great system and his coaching we are moving faster than ever.

We have a vision where we want to take our company, we developed company values and a strong org chart. We are creating company culture and start to enforce position agreements, so everyone knows his role.

All that free us the owners to work on our business and the results are great – new customers, more employees and new revenue streams. We feel focused and motivated in growing our company 5 times bigger than it is today.

Shachar is always available for us, gives extra time and always give us extra value. The combination of EMyth as the system and Shachar as the coach is extraordinary

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 " When I left my job as an employee to open my own business, I knew that the first one that I will approach is Shachar Perlman.

Shachar gave me a comprehensive service. He helped me to believe in myself, helped me to build my vision, gave me direction and tools including EMyth tools that really helped me in the long and challenged road to building a company.


Shachar has profound professionalism, inner peace, and strong belief in the process. He is always available, He is well known among the information technology community, he has many connections he used to assist me.

Shachar Perlman together with E Myth were all key ingredients to my success.


Now I own an increasing successful business."

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 " On the process of growing my company I chose EMyth to help us. We love the concept and the methodology of EMyth.

Shachar was a bonus. His experience as CEO, his curiosity and care helped us in difficult times.

While we experienced an unprecedented crisis, Shachar was there to help us change the course of the company and create a new and better vision.

Shachar is always available, very flexible and he is a real partner to me. He is helping us create and promote my management team and create systems we need to grow our company."

Jorge De Morais / Kaeso


 " I worked with Shachar when I opened my company Pentagram. 

One of the challenges facing entrepreneurs starting a business or company is feeling alone - after years they used to work in a team.

Shachar helped me to focus, to formulate the business and I believer is my Added Value of Pentagram in the Israeli market.  Furthermore, he was a partner in deliberations, decisions and brainstorming on all aspects of the construction of the company, positioning the Pentagram's Offering and find the first customers.

I don't believe anyone can coach if you weren't there and experienced the successes, and experienced  the challenges on your flesh. Therefore, when I was looking for a coach , I turned to Shachar who has a proven track record in business.

Shachar is a people people, heartfelt and with high emotional intelligence skills . for him the client comes first and I'm thankful for the opportunity I had to work with. 

Set a date with him, in the worst case you will earn free coffee and cake and a meeting with a happ guy.

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 " When I was appointed as CEO of my company it was the first time for me as a manager.
I knew about EMyth and when I looked for a business coach and found an Israeli EMyth business coach I was so happy.

Shachar is more than a coach he is a friend, a mentor and a partner. He is helping me to grow as a CEO and together with the EMyth system I've started to build systems in place – finance, recruiting and hiring, sales and also managing my people with mentoring and leadership.


It is not an easy path and I am so glad I have Shachar to hold my accountable and remind me of the important things."

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Schnitzler Studio

 " I had the opportunity to work with Shachar Perlman and EMyth for 2 years, he helped me tremendously with understanding to how to run a business by itself, through systems and great leadership and management, above all Shachar is one of the nicest people I ever met, and it was a real pleasure to work with him! our business grew a whole lot with his expertise and coaching. I would recommend him for anyone looking to get their business into a fully functional systemized business."

Naftali Schnitzler / Schnitzler Studios

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 " If I had to describe Shachar in one word, It would be PROGRESS.

He has been the catalyst that started me on my entrepreneurial journey and put a lot of time and effort into helping me succeed during times when I wasn't progressing as consistently as I could have.

I am very fortunate to have had him as a mentor and have no hesitation in recommending him to others who are interested in improving their personal and professional development. Shachar, you are a star!"

Neil Young/ Elite Squash

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