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Be Happy help business owners become successful and happy.


Shachar Perlman, owner of Be Happy, combines a passion for coaching with his experience as CEO of a software company. By working with him as your coach, you will have a mentor and a
partner. One who will be available to you on your long journey to success and happiness.

Shachar has been working with various companies throughout his career and he shares his experience with his clients. He was an owner of a software company where he started as the first employee and became a partner, CEO and expanded the company to have over 75 employees.

for the last 15 years he has been working as a Business Coach, helping businesses owners around the world, to be happy. Many of his clients come from the Hi-Tech community.

Shachar believes that happiness and joy in the workplace is an important factor for a successful business. As an amateur actor he brings tools from the theater world to assist owners to be more spontaneous and communicate better with the world. As a former system analyst he also brings the know-how to assist you build systems to maintain a thriving business.

In the past 6 years, Shachar has been working as an Emyth - Certified Business and Executive Coach.


Be Happy Vision


Be Happy helps business owners grow their business, take the vacation they so need and be happy.

We do that with empathy, care, curiosity, flexibility and we are highly available. We are your partner in the long journey to success and we help you enjoy the ride.


Be Happy Goals


  • Help business owners be successful

  • Bring happiness to people

  • Be a partner to the client on the journey to success

  • Be there for the customer when it gets tough and lonely


Be Happy Values



We strive to always be available to guide and help our clients and their needs.


We care to be flexible and adept to rising changes and requirements.


We feel growth should be constant and encourage our clients to always seek it.



We think being friendly and having the willingness to help is a huge key for success.


You should always take responsibility for your actions, and never blame others.


In our opinion, listening is the basis for open communications.



We care about our clients, and want them to be able to trust us and share with us.


We believe that helping our clients with our vast connections is a three win situation.


Life shouldn't be about being serious all the time, So let's make it joyful and playful.


Our most important value is being happy.

We are happy, and we want our clients to be happy.

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