Your coach is your partner on the way to success.

The role of a business coach is to help the owner be free from the business - to have a profitable business that can work well without the dependency on the owner and hence allow scaling the business.

As a business coach and  former CEO of a Hi-Tech company I will help you do that. In my business I implemented all that. I want to use my experience and my skills to help you be successful.

That way, you can do less mistakes, you can learn from my experience working with hundreds of customers worldwide.

Instead of being alone, you can feel you have a partner that will always give you impartial feedback, show you your blind spots and mirror things to you.

I will hold you accountable, mirror you things and allow you to grow.

In the coaching process we will work on the shift you need to make to manage more, rather than be a technician in your own company. Then we will work on having the right people and the right systems.

I will be highly available for you. Give you more value all the time.

Our proven method helps you make the journey consistently and joyfully.