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  • Shachar Perlman

Yoga and Your Business

A figure standing in-front of a tree in a Yoga position

Lately, I have been practicing Yoga, a profound experience. I recommend it to you. Wikipedia defines Yoga as: “…meaning of the Sanskrit word yoga which is "to add", "to join", "to unite", or "to attach" from the root yuj, already had a much more figurative sense, where the yoking or harnessing of oxen or horses takes on broader meanings such as "employment, use, application, performance" (compare the figurative uses of "to harness" as in "to put something to some use")” One of my favorite pose in Yoga is called TREE. You start by standing straight on your two foot. Shift your weight into one leg (for example: the left leg), and then start to raise the other leg up (for example: the right leg). Slowly slide the right foot up the left leg, by bending the right heel so it will rest against the left thigh ,as high up as you can maintain your balance. Keeps the left leg strong, pressing the foot into the floor. When you fill balanced, slowly inhale the arms over the head. The fingers are reaching up. Breathe. Tree pose increases balance, focus, memory and concentration and strengthens the ankles and knees. At this stage several things happens – the consciousness is focused on the standing foot that is rooted to the floor, to the hands that are in the air and to the breathing All business owners need similar consciousness in their business:

The leg – is the stability, the ongoing delivery that bring stability and wealth to the business

The hands – are the marketing and sales that the business needs - Tell the world we are here. Breathing – is the cash flow. Without it there is no oxygen to the business. It’s the number one reason for businesses shutting down. Consciousness = awareness –is the leadership and management, that every business needs. Orchestrating all parts of the business united to the same goal – having your vision come to live.

Practicing Yoga is the vision itself come to live. The will, to have serenity and calm. Without practice you will not make it. Reading a book of Yoga won't make you a Yoga expert. You have to try it.

So, at any point in your business, remember to let your awareness (your management and leadership) navigate between the work and the delivery, the cash flow and all other parts in the business. Let the system of the business run smoothly with all parts working synchronized. And always, as my Yoga instructor says: “don’t forget to breathe”, because without cash you will close your business.

Also, standing on one foot alone (only working – being the technician) won't get your vision be fulfilled. You have to work on your business (breathe, put your hands in the air and have the awareness).

Enjoy your Yoga and have your vision come to live.

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