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Got Delayed? Make New Friends

" Everything negative - pressure, challenges - is all an opportunity for me to rise. "

Kobe Bryant


Abandoned chairs at the airport

On my last journey to EMyth conference in California I got delayed in London for the night.

That happened due to a plane malfunction. After being in Heathrow for seven long hours at 22:00 we got the news – “no flight”. Tired and a bit annoyed I went with my wife to clear customs, only to join a very long line of people waiting to get hotel voucher.

In that line we met our new friends. It started with a small chit chat and continued with long talk about music (happened to be we both love music). The short version – we met again in California for a lovely dinner.

If we had not gotten delayed in London we wouldn’t have met them.

Here are few things I learned:

In every bad situation awaits an opportunity for something great. For that to happen you need to stay positive and welcome the opportunities that await you.

Every encounter with anyone in the world is an opportunity to make new friends.

Be curious. In order to make new connections you need to be curious about other people. Really get curious, ask questions, listen and only then talk about yourself. When that happens be generous – tell staff about yourself and don’t act like a secret agent from the CIA. People want to get to know the real you.

Difficult times or situations help you grow. It is at these moments that you learn about yourself the most. So when time is tough embrace it. In many occasions you can't change the situation, so all you can do is change your perception and your behavior. Who knows? Maybe if you do that you can even enjoy the situation.

I admire Kobe Bryant for his ability to grow at all times. He had three rough injuries lately. In one of his interviews, he said he uses this time to reflect and also it is a challenge for him to see if he can get back as good as before. No complaints. no "why this is happening to me" . only growth.

So next time you get delayed make friends and I am not just talking about the airport.

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