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  • Shachar Perlman

Never stop believing

Creating your path between two cliffs

Saara Aalto didn’t give up, for fifteen years, she pursued her dream to become a successful singer. Almost turning thirty, instead of giving up the Finnish singer went to participate in the X Factor UK (a singing contest), where never a foreigner won the show.

Saara didn’t make the boot camp (The second phase of the competition), but came back as a wild card pick. In the lives shows, for few times she was in the bottom two, almost going home. She kept her spirits high, was always positive, worked hard and eventually started to get through the heart of the British voters.


"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do."



She made memorable performances and never was on the bottom two again. Eventually she was on the final, finishing second. Now she awaits signing a record contract. On the final, Suggs - one of my idols (lead singer for Madness), was asked what advise can he give to young singers to be able to survive 4 decades! Like Madness. Suggs said "don't give up after the first obstacle".

As a progressive music enthusiast, I know many bands who quit when they had that obstacle, and didn’t make it to be the next Genesis or Pink Floyd.

Many business owners give up when the first obstacle appears. Don't!

When you have a big vision you need Grit. Yes, there will be obstacles – cash flow issues, not finding the right employees, low sales and more. Hold that vision, as a torch and let it light and direct you to the place you want to take your life and your vision. Believe in yourself, believe in the change you want to be and in the purpose of your life and enjoy the ride. Watch this short video from star wars with Master Yoda, I think it says it all.

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