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Our Goals

1. Help business owners to be successful.


2. To be the partner our customer can trust on the journey to success.


3. To be there for our client. Available at all times, even when things get tough.


4. Most of all - To bring happiness to people.


80% of businesses worldwide fail within the first five years.

The Myth that "Being good at what you do is enough" has been proven wrong. 

Our proven method helps you make the journey:

  • From working in your business to working on your business.

  • From being a techician to being a manager and a leader.

  • Hire great people, engage them and cultivate them.

  • Create a repeatable system that works without the day to day involvement of you, the owner.

The following detailed plan is only a suggestion. The exact plan, will be tailored to fit your exact needs.

The Seven Essential systems of EMyth_edi

Every coaching session includes EMyth processes and assignments that the customers recieves and dealing with everyday burning issues that the customer brings to the table.

We begin with a thorough business assessment to get a complete understanding of your current business situation.

The Seven Essential systems of EMyth

The Emyth model for building a business of interconnected systems—so your company works as an integrated whole.


LEADERSHIP - Free yourself from tactical work, create time to work your business and learn to lead from your values.


MARKETING - Discover your ideal customers, why they buy and what differentiates your business—so you can stand out from your competition.


FINANCE - Understand and manage your financial resources, so you can grow your business and reach your goals.


MANAGEMENT - Attract the right team for your company culture and develop the systems they need to produce great results.

Customer Fulfillment

CUSTOMER FULFILLMENT -  Design a customer experience that consistently delights and delivers on your Brand Promise.

Lead Conversion

LEAD CONVERSION - Build a sales process that brings consistent, predictable results.

Lead Generation

LEAD GENERATION - Connect with your ideal customers and help them see the value in choosing your business over the rest.

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