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  • Shachar Perlman

One-Piece, One Vision, One Journey, One Happy Business

While visiting Tokyo, I watched the #Netflix TV show “#One Piece” at the recommendation of my children. It was the first time I watched anime. I never thought that it will end up with a post about business. While watching the last episode it hit me that this show is all about vision, values, and leadership.


"One Piece" is set in a world full of pirates sailing dangerous seas, fighting pirates and weird creatures, and looking for the One-Piece treasure. Entrepreneurs must similarly navigate challenging waters and embrace the unknown.

The hero of the show is #Luffy who wants to become the best pirate to ever live, that is his vision. Similarly, business owners need a clear vision for their companies. This vision serves as their North Star, guiding them in their journey. Without a clear vision most businesses just stay afloat and don’t reach the heights they can and should.

Many business owners fail in finding good people. It is one of the top complaints I hear from customers. Luffy’s crew is a diverse group with unique talents and individual dreams and together they set out to fulfill their captain’s dream and their own dream. In business, assembling a skilled and motivated team is crucial, business owners should empower their employees to pursue their individual visions within the context of the company’s vision.


Similarly, in the last Episode of the show Luffy and his crew members celebrated their own achievements in the journey. Helping each employee pursue their own #vision can benefit the business a lot and help employees to stay longer and feel engaged and fulfilled. When each member of the crew has a personal vision that aligns with the collective vision, remarkable things can be achieved. Ray Crock had Harry J. Sonneborn as CEO. Sonneborn was the one who suggested to Crock that McDonalds, is actually a real estate business. Steve Jobs had John Ive, who was vice president of industrial design and Chief Design Officer for Ive, played a vital role in the designs of the iMac, iPod, Ipad, iphone MacBook and other products. parts of the user interface of Apple's He also helped design buildings, such as Apple Park and Apple stores.


Another important aspect that I saw in the show is #company values. Through out the show Luffy acts with one key value – friendship. Helping his friends was fundamental to him. Company values are key to every business success. That is the glue that connects everybody, attracts new employees, and allows unity. Luffy's determination and willingness to sacrifice for his crew inspire them to push beyond their limits. Business owners should lead by example, demonstrating commitment to their vision and values. When employees witness their leaders embodying these ideals, they are more likely to embrace them as well.

"One Piece" teaches us that a clear vision is the compass that guides the business. Business owners who cultivate a vision-driven workplace, where employees are empowered to pursue their own dreams while contributing to a collective goal, are more likely to achieve success. Just as Luffy and his crew chase the One-Piece treasure, business owners should aspire to reach their own vision, both individually and as a team


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